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SMSwords is a global SMS marketing of its first kind. Registered customer base with purchasing power is the meaning of True Power which boosts your revenue.
SMSwords provides worldwide / countrywide / citywide mass marketing for your business, brand, website, or app.
1. Go to Sign Up page and create your account.
2. Go to Payments page and purchase SMS credit for your targeted country.
3. Go to Sender ID page and create your Sender ID for your targeted country.
*Some targeted countries do not support Sender ID. SMS campaigns are sent with long codes (10 digits) or short codes (4-5 digits). The pricing page displays important notices for these countries.
4. Go to Campaigns page and create your SMS campaign.
You can buy SMS credit on Pricing page.
Select your targeted country/city/area/district and see the available SMS Credit with the Number of Unique Customers.
You can buy SMS Credit for multiple targeted countries by switching to the Multiple mode.
You can obtain a refund for any unused credit in accordance with our Customer Satisfaction Policy.
Strictly NO REFUND for used SMS Credit!
You can create your Sender IDs on Sender ID page.
Sender IDs are case-sensitive.
*Some targeted countries do not support Sender IDs. SMS campaigns are sent with long codes (10 digits) or short codes (4-5 digits). The pricing page displays important notices for these countries.
More than 100 million unique customers with purchasing power* from 10,000+ locations in 40+ countries.
*High Upper, Upper, Upper Middle, Middle, and Working Socioeconomic Classes.
No. SMSwords only supports advanced location targeting.
*Advanced location targeting allows advertisers to create SMS campaigns by country, city, and area selection.
You can view all targeted countries on our Pricing page.
URL Shortener enables the advertiser to track Clicks and CTR (Click Through Rate) on the Reports tab.
Also recommended for saving characters.
After creating your campaign, you can start following Clicks and CTR (Click Through Rate) stats on the Reports tab. You can see instant live updates on these stats.
*You must use URL Shortener when creating your SMS campaign to enable these stats.
Advertisers can save the target audience of any completed campaign which brings high ROI by clicking the star icon on the Campaigns tab. They can use this saved Favorite Target Audience (FTA) several times.
Advertisers can merge multiple FTAs even if they are from different countries.
*Multiple country FTA selection should have a common registered Sender ID.
Yes. You can run weekly (up to 24 weeks) or monthly (up to 6 months) recurring SMS campaigns for both location and FTA target types.
STOP SMS lets your Target Audience to unsubscribe from your SMS campaigns with a single click.
*STOP Link for Websites:
If your SMS campaign is directing traffic to your website, you can use your custom STOP link to allow your Target Audience to unsubscribe from any of your SMS campaigns.
No. Your campaigns may run only between 9am and 9pm local time of the targeted country.
Credit Cards, Digital Currency, Multiple Currency Money Transfer, PayPal, SEPA, WIRE.
*Maximum transaction limit is applied for Credit Card payments.
You can download or view your monthly invoices on Invoices page.
Discount Credit Program (DCP) is our custom Referral Marketing Program.
You will get a discount credit for your campaign valued at 25% from the invited user's first payment.
You can find all information about DCP on Discount Credit tab.
You can change your account currency on Settings page.
Opting in to receive RCS messages is a simple process! Just follow these steps:

• Visit our dedicated RCS Opt-In page at RCS Opt-In.
• Read about what you’ll be subscribing to and make sure you’re comfortable with the terms.
• Enter your mobile number and other required information, then click the 'Opt-in' button.
• You'll receive a verification email. Click the link in that email to confirm your subscription.

Congratulations! You're all set to receive exclusive RCS messages from your chosen brands. Remember, you have the right to opt out of receiving messages at any time. If you wish to unsubscribe or adjust your messaging preferences, please follow the instructions provided in any of the messages you receive.


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